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Bad Influence

Bad Influence is a progression guild that is currently 6/8H in Dragon Soul. We accept any class/spec. We are also recruiting players to fill in on the current group for special circumstances. Also, if you are interested in a guild to level, quest and finally raid in for MoP, give us a try. We are a level 25 guild with most rewards and all perks. Please have your gear gemmed and enchanted. Also, please know your class. We are an adult guild, so please no drama.

Required addons: Deadly Boss Mods, EPGP lootmaster, EPGP reloaded. We also require you to have vent. We understand not everyone is comfortable speaking in vent, but it is a must to have to listen in while raiding.

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8- 11pm server.

GM-The person in charge. Though will always be willing to listen to any concerns or questions and will more often then not also be willing to help has the last say in any and all situations.

Co-GM-2nd in command, in the event the GM is not here, this person/persons has final say.

Elder-Must have raided with this guild for at least 2 previous expansions and be eligable for all lower ranks.

Recruiter-Does just what it says, this person will be in charge of finding quality, reliable players in the event we should need them either for permant members or for special events.

Progressionist-These are the people most dedicated, who rarely miss and always stay for full durations, wipe after wipe they are diligant and ever learning to down new content and progress as a team. Also must meet requirments for all lower ranks.

Raider-These are our core members, it is what we are here to do. Must meet all requirments for lower ranks.

Raid Ready-Once you have earned all the gear you can from dungion's/jp etc. etc. and are fully gemmed and enchanted, and can prove that you have a basic understanding of your class then speak with some at Recruiter rank or higher about this promotion.

Possible Raider-Once you reach max lvl, talk with a Recruiter or higher ranked person to gain this rank, and then start working on your gear. No really.

Memeber-Welcome bodies to fill up our rank numbers, can be any lvl just need to actually play the game once in a while.
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